Why would anyone in their right mind want to pursue writing a cookbook? 

There are many factors that motivated me to write this cookbook other than I always knew I would. 

Every chef has their own journey and mine happened to led me to owning my own restaurant for over eight years. I can safely say that being the chef-owner of Aix Restaurant taught me more about life and people than anything else I had done before. But, I had a life before Aix and have ever since and with over 20 years of professional restaurant cooking, my proclivity to share with others my experiences and stories and simplify the myths of cooking naturally led me to writing this cookbook. 

I’ll be honest though, since I committed to rolling this thing out I've learned I might be in over my head! I naively thought this would be an 8 - 10 month project and right now I am sitting on 6 months of work that is just barely scratching the surface! So, what about writing a cookbook could possibly be appealing? 

Part refined journal and culinary guide, creating Operation CookBook is my opportunity to come back full circle to the very thing I know and love. Cooking. My ambition is to share the things that inspire me and that will hopefully inspire you to get in the kitchen and cook!

The blog is dedicated to sharing with you, the reader, the adventures of Operation Cookbook. I’ll be posting a weekly, detailing the highs and lows of plowing through an insane project like this. I will share some recipes and stories that hopefully will find their way into the book and would love any feed back. 

Thank you and see you on the other side. 

Rachel e Woolcott